DUIX stands for Duo with electronics: more specifically, recorder duo with live electronics.
We perform as a Duo, and in the free constellation Duix+, adding other instrumentalists to our nucleus.

So far, we have created programs with Jill Feldman, Trio Recherche Freiburg, with two percussionists, and with recorder quartet Brisk. With Jill and Mara Galassi, harp, we also work in the realm of the medieval chanson.

The composers that have been so kind to write for us include Gabriele Manca, Fausto Romitelli, Maurizio Pisati, Giorgio Magnanensi, Francesco La Licata, Agostino di Scipio, Emanuele Pappalardi, Lucio Garau, Giorgio Tedde, Mario Garuti, Luigi Irlandini.

New compositions are most welcome!
We will continue to explore the infinite possibilities of this exciting medium.

Kees Boeke - Antonio Politano