With the first two volumes of the Chantilly Codex (KTC 1900/1905) we have embarked upon a very ambitious project to record all of the music in this most important late 14th c. manuscript: 99 Rondeaux and Ballades, and 14 important dedicatory motets-approximately 14 CD's worth of glorious music!

Volume 1, featuring Jill Feldman and Carlos Mena, received a glowing review in the magazine Early Music Review

Volume 2, featuring Zsuzsanna Toth and Carlos Mena was released in 2012

and Volume 3 with Zsuzsi Toth, Julla von Landsberg and countertenor Leandro Marziotte
is now available!

Since retiring from the Musikhochschule in Trossingen (partially because of a very destructive lack of interest from the direction of the school), we have decided to offer something similar, a specialized summer course in medieval music in our "home" town of Arezzo, probably the most logical place on the planet to do this.

We really hope it will be possible to make this an annual event or more! You can check it out here: Settimana Musicale de Trecento.

Mario Martinoli has recorded two monographic projects: The first is dedicated to Johann Sebastian's first cousin once removed,"the great and expressive composer" Johann Christoph Bach (1642-1703). It alternates 3 sets of very little known variation sets ("partitas") with his 2 most famous "Lamenti", Ach, das ich Wassers genug hätte, for alto, violin, 3 viols, violone and organ, and Wie bist Du denn, O Gott, for bass, solo violin, 3 viols and organ. The harpsichord variation sets, which clearly foreshadow the younger Bach's famous Goldberg Variations, are known as Aria Eberliniana variata, [Aria variata], and Sarabanda variata. Mario Martinoli and the Concerto delle Viole are joined by Ingrid Alexandre, alto, Salvo Vitale, bass and Anais Chen, baroque violin. (KTC 1907)

The second project features Domenico Scarlatti, 20 of his harpsichord Sonatas under the name "The Well-Tempered Scarlatti"


Jill holds regular vocal master classes (Feb.29-March 1) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague,

She also continues the early music vocal masterclasses (14-15 January 2016) at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

Her courses for the Amici della Musica di Firenze continue in 2016 and are scheduled for April 8-10 in the Palazzo Budini-Gattai in Florence, Italy.


Kees retired from the "Masters" program in Medieval and Renaissance music at the Institut für Alte Musik, Musikhochschule, Trossingen, Germany.