"Liquid Landscape", our delicious extra-vergine olive oil, is a cold-pressed product from a mixture of several different varieties of olives (moraiolo, frantoio, leccino, olivo bianco). The ca. 500 trees receive no chemical treatments or fertilizers, and so the oil is completely natural or "biologico" as we call it here.
The local cuisine almost "abuses" in its use, since a little fresh oil on top of almost any dish will enhance its flavours, whether it is salads, grilled meats, pastas and pizza's, cheese and any raw or cooked vegetable.

We sell Liquid Landscape in glass bottles of 0,5 or 1 l. or in tin cans of 5 l.

The prohibitive costs of shipping these days make it necessary that you come and visit us to do your olive oil shopping! However, it is wise to reserve your order by writing us an email. The supplies greatly vary from year to year. The exciting "new" oil is usually available from the 20th of november each year. Buon appetito!

For info write to info@o-livemusic.com